Lawn Aeration Miami Lakes FL

Thorough Lawn Aeration in Miami Lakes

Lawn maintenance goes beyond a weekly cut and the occasional weeding. The beautiful grass that makes your lawn so appealing cannot look its best without dedicated care. Lawn aeration is one of the most important tasks that property owners frequently forget to complete. Aeration is one major solution if your yard has noticeable signs of soil compaction, which results from years of heavy foot traffic, mowing and other activity

Lawn Aeration Service In Miami Lakes FL

To properly aerate a lawn, special tools remove cores of soil, grass and grassroots. When these cores are removed, it allows more water and nutrients to go down to the roots of the grass. The grass roots will be able to dive further down into the soil without resistance. The result is stronger grass that grows thicker and more vibrant.

Our company provides a complete service package for lawn aeration in Miami Lakes, which means you can leave the maintenance of your yard up to us. Consider scheduling your yard aeration as soon as possible for a healthier-looking yard. You will be pleased with the finished look of your property. To get more information, call us today!

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration focuses on getting more water and oxygen to the grass roots. Without ample water and oxygen, your grass cannot grow as fast and may lose its vibrancy. Aeration helps your grass truly flourish even without the use of fertilizer. You will notice a fuller, more lush lawn after our team visits your property. Your lawn may be struggling against soil compaction and the build-up of organic material if it starts losing its green color or turning brown

Core aeration serves the dual purpose of pest control. The tools that loosen up the soil in your yard also disturb developing pest infestations below the surface of your yard. No harsh chemicals or spraying is required for this type of organic pest management

Core Aeration Completed by Local Professionals

If there is one lawn service that is most certainly not a “DIY” task, it is core aeration. While it may seem tempting to use a handheld aerator or tow-behind “spike aerator” for your lawn tractor, these will not reduce compaction as they push into the soil whereas a mechanical core aerator will pull cores out allowing compaction to be reduced at the surface. Our technicians have the training to use special digging tools that loosen the soil without gouging your grass or landscaping. Before we complete any aeration services, we will discuss the process with you, including ways you can keep your grass healthier afterwards. Get a quote for aerating your yard today by giving us a call.