Top-Quality Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization Services in Miami Lakes

Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control
Miami Lakes FL

Unsightly weeds and scraggly grass do your yard no favors. If you have been struggling with the weeds on your lawn, then it might be time to call a team of professionals. Our team has years of experience dealing with total weed control and lawn fertilization in Miami Lakes. You can trust us to transform your yard into a lush and weed-free oasis. Our combination of weed control and fertilization works in tandem to promote healthy growth throughout your property. Our team has expertise working on both residential and commercial properties. To learn more, request an estimate today!

Importance of Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing your lawn is an essential responsibility for a property owner. Your yard does not get enough nutrients throughout the year simply from rainwater. Different fertilizers can also address specific issues with your grass or soil. Our team will be able to recommend the best fertilizer treatment for your lawn after a quick assessment.

Importance of Weed Control Spraying

Weed control spraying treatments often go hand-in-hand with fertilizer treatments. Before our company sprays any fertilizer, we assure ourselves that all unwanted plants are dead. Some weeds can be tricky to remove due to seeds and spores. A weed-filled yard is unattractive for both residential and commercial property owners.

Some of the common weeds we see in Miami Lakes yards include chickweed, dollarweed, burnweed, crabgrass and bull thistle. You should reach out to our team as soon as possible when you notice these weeds in your yard. We will be able to offer a complete plan for weed eradication while keeping your turf grass in tact

Safe and Effective Weed Control in Miami Lakes

Our company uses the best weed control methods in Miami Lakes. We understand that our clients do not want too many chemicals sitting on their lawns. The weed control products we use