Mosquito Control Spraying
Miami Lakes FL

Safe Mosquito Control in Miami Lakes

If you spend time year after year struggling with the mosquitoes on your property, you need to find a long-lasting solution. Our professionals offer reliable mosquito control services that are not only affordable but also trusted by many clients. Do not let the mosquitoes win when it comes to the battle for your outdoor spaces. Let us help you make the most of pleasant weather without the threat of pests. Our team has experience with mosquito spraying in Miami Lakes and surrounding areas. Give us a call or request a quote today.

Mosquito Spraying Services

A common and popular service we offer to control mosquitoes is a barrier spray. For up to 21 days after application, a barrier spray will protect your property. The barrier spray is used on plants and bushes to kill mosquitoes on your property and stop new ones from taking up residence. If you are concerned about using barrier spray around pets, you can talk with our team of specialists to explore your options.

Use A Natural Treatment

If you are not a fan of using chemicals on your property, our natural treatment may be a better mosquito control option. This natural treatment has a similar impact on the mosquito population to mosquito spraying. We can discuss the details, but some natural treatments induce natural plant oils, garlic, or botanicals. If you select this option, we may need to return every two weeks instead of three weeks.

Miscellaneous Pest Control

If you are being pestered by more than mosquitoes, our team can offer help, too. Our services extend to tick and flea control. Fleas and ticks can be a significant concern if you own pets or have small children who love to play outside. Consider our preventative methods to keep these pests away from your outdoor spaces for as long as possible.

Commercial Services and Special Events

Our company is pleased to offer our full range of services to commercial clients. If you have a commercial property with an outdoor space such as a restaurant, apartment complex, church or childcare center, we can help protect those areas from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and more.

Our team is also adept at managing pest control for special events. If you are planning an outdoor event, you do not want your guests to fight off mosquitoes the entire time. We can arrange treatment of the event area that is safe and effective for the length of the event. Give us a call today or request an estimate.