Tree and Shrub Care
Miami Lakes FL

Professional Tree Care in Miami Lakes

Trained arborists are the best source for information related to tree care in Miami Lakes. Our company offers years of experience addressing a wide range of tree issues. Our team knows how to solve different problems that prevent trees from looking their best. Trees help boost the curb appeal of any property, but only if they appear strong, tall, and vibrant.


If you neglect the trees on your property, you can risk letting dozens of issues spreading rapidly. Expert tree care can be the difference between a healthy, living tree and an unattractive, dying tree. Ask us about our full selection of tree services. We want to help you grow taller, stronger trees that will live longer. If you need help with your trees, give us a call today.

Different Tree Health Problems

Health problems in trees are often the result of environmental factors. Our team has learned how to recognize different problems in a variety of tree species. Once we identify the issue, we can pinpoint the cause. Sometimes this cause can be as simple as a lack of nutrients in the soil or overwatering. If the problem does relate to poor soil nutrition, our team can then create a plan for the thorough fertilization of the trees on your property, in some cases pesticides, insecticides or fungicides may be required.

Tree Fertilization Services

When it comes to trees, there can be no form of universal fertilization. Every situation is different due to changing environmental factors and seasonal requirements. Our tree care company works to formulate a specialized plan that fits the specific needs of your trees. Some of the fertilization methods we offer include deep root fertilization, micronutrient fertilization supplements and macronutrient fertilization supplements.

Benefits of Hiring a Tree Care Company

A professional tree care company is the best option for all of your fertilization needs. If you try to ascertain the problems with your trees on your own, you can end up making a big mistake.

Professional arborists come to you with years of experience and knowledge about trees. Our team of trained experts can recognize the difference between tree diseases and other problems, from there we can then recommend the best treatment plan which includes the proper fertilization method and type of fertilizer. To learn more about pricing and getting a quote, give us a call today.